Seven Scriptural Reasons For Speaking In Tongues


[font family="impact,chicago" size="36" color="DE0202" textshadow="3" alignment="center" weight="normal" style="normal" lineheight="110"]Seven Scriptural Reasons For Speaking In Tongues[/font]

There are lots of opinions about speaking in tongues and their use today. Let me tell you, though, the Bible is very clear about how this wonderful gift can enrich your spiritual life and relationship with God.

In this 11 page report I share some treasures about what the Bible says about the benefits of speaking in tongues, and how you can apply them in your life.

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  1. Zodwa says

    Hi David
    Does praying in tongue mean that you are more closer/believer to God than others?
    and are your books available in Republic of South Africa?

    • says

      Hi Zodwa, praying in tongues is not really an indication that someone is close to God or not. It is a gift freely given by God, but many choose not to exercise the gift and so it remains fruitless in their lives. Tongues however can be used powerfully to bring us closer to our father when we exercise it in private devotional prayer and intercession.

      My books are digital downloads (as well as printed versions being available) and can be purchased from anywhere in the world using Paypal. All are available at

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