Would The Real Jesus Please Step Forward

There is a Christian phrase that has been coined for many years now saying, “I’ve found Jesus”. To which, the clever answer is of course, “Oh, I never knew He was lost!”

That may sound like a clever clogs answer, but I am wondering whether it has some truth wrapped in it. Has Jesus really been lost? Are people looking in the wrong places to discover Him?


Jesus is so often hidden behind the religiosity of His people. Sometimes those who are searching for Him, sincerely wanting to know if His claims of Godhood and salvation are actually real, begin by looking in the obvious places. Often under a spire somewhere. And, it seems sad to say, He is often so well disguised behind all of the pomp and ritual of it all that I think even the Holy Ghost would have trouble finding Jesus there.

Is it any wonder that the world largely sees religion as irrelevant to their daily lives, when the Spirit life and power of Jesus Christ is seldom displayed in our Christian gatherings.

In fact, many Christians are so terrified of anything supernatural, they would argue against it. I have been incredulous when well meaning Christians have contended passionately for why miracles should NOT happen today. Help us all!

Jesus did not come to set up a religion at all. He came to set people free. He did not come with a huge tangle of religious requirements, demanding that we be good enough before we qualify for heaven.

He came to set us free from everything that held us back from a dynamic, passionate, living relationship with the glorious Creator, the true and living God of Heaven and earth.

Many people are passionately spiritual. They are entirely sincere in their desire to know higher truths, and walk in deeper realities. But other pathways are speaking and demonstrating their language much more eloquently than the Christian church.

The Bible is packed with spiritual insight and substance, showing us how to walk and live in the Spirit realm, in friendship and partnership with God. More than any other book, it peels the curtain back from the invisible and makes that amazing world apparent and tangible – ready to be experienced by all who step into it with their Guide, the Holy Spirit.

It is a never ending adventure.

Oh, that we could oust the impostors so people, instead of seeing a preconceived photofit of Jesus Christ pieced together over years by conflicting information about who He is and what He said, and just help them see Jesus as He really is. Just Jesus.

Not the religious jesus.
Not the American evangelist jesus.
Not the rules and regulations Jesus.
Not the stand up, sit down, do as you are told jesus.
Not the I am untouchable and mysterious, you-can-never-know-me jesus.
Not the buildings, smells, bells, robes and candles jesus.
Not the give me your money jesus.
Not the wild and wacky jesus.
Not the I am still living in the 1720′s jesus.
Not the have no fun and live in fear jesus.
Not the bigoted don’t trust anyone different to you jesus.

Need I name any others. I am sure some of the usual suspects come to mind.

No, none of these.

Could the real Jesus please step forward please. We need to see and know you more than ever before!

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  1. Kathy Simmonds says

    David Lee, not the idea of Jesus that I have been brainwashed with all these years, the more I read on this site, the hungrier I get for the Jesus that you know…..

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