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Jesus Quotes – "What do people say about Jesus?"

A rule I have had for years is: to treat the Lord Jesus Christ as a personal friend. His is not a creed, a mere doctrine, but it is He Himself we have. Dwight L. Moody After I set out to refute Christianity intellectually and couldn't, I came to the conclusion the Bible was true and Jesus Christ was God's Son. Josh McDowell All that I am I owe to … [Read more...]


The First No-hell

Imagine there's no heaven. So went the Lennon anthem. No hell down below us. Up above, only sky? I get the sentiment. I understand the thinking. Hell has been used as a threat to leverage people into being 'good' for centuries. It is the ultimate whip to bring mere fearful mortals into obedience to religious tyranny. But Jesus Christ never used hell as … [Read more...]

God Shaped Hole

Christmas Spirit

Spirituality is a BIG business nowadays. Did you know that religious and inspirational books are one of the biggest selling genres on Amazon? After romance that is! Yep. The world is hungry for an experience of something bigger and more majestic than themselves. The mystery of life is hidden in the inner man. It is here, in the heart or spirit, that human … [Read more...]


It’s Freakin’ True!

The world is freaking out! What, with global warming, terrorism, governmental and economic breakdown, false prophets popping up everywhere spouting their rhetoric, is it any wonder that people's hearts are somewhat nervous? Jesus warned that it would be this way. “And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you.For many will come … [Read more...]



Would The Real Jesus Please Step Forward

There is a Christian phrase that has been coined for many years now saying, "I've found Jesus". To which, the clever answer is of course, "Oh, I never knew He was lost!" That may sound like a clever clogs answer, but I am wondering whether it has some truth wrapped in it. Has Jesus really been lost? Are people looking in the wrong places to discover … [Read more...]

blue jeans

Jesus in Blue Jeans

Ever thought how Jesus would be if he walked into your church today? Or your workplace? Or the local pub? Funnily enough, the pub is where you might find him, rather than the church! Jesus was never a conventional kind of guy. I am certain he would not swish into the room like some untouchable, garbed in robes and a pointy hat. Or a white suit with gold … [Read more...]

spirit guide

My Spirit Guide

During my years of spiritual searching it was in vogue to have a 'spirit guide'. Generally this would be something cool and mysterious (and a little dangerous), something like a red Indian chief, or an angel of some description. These invisible friends would be your tour guide and protector as you ventured into the wilds of the spiritual realm. Do these … [Read more...]


Bill and Ted Got It Right!

Sometimes, truth really is stranger than fiction. There are occasions when we need to suspend our judgments until after we’ve heard the whole story. And I guess that’s what you’ll need to do with this one. Switch off your preconceptions. Strap in, and let’s take a trip together (literally!). I once heard someone say, "a person's secret is in their story." … [Read more...]


Do You Have A 6 Pack Spirit?

Anyone tried some promise all fix for six pack abs that required no work at all? No dedication. No discipline. Great idea, if it were grounded in reality. :( I'm sorry to say I have fallen a few times for the pictures of some super hunk sporting more muscles than I have brain cells, and thinking that simply drinking a ton of whey chocolate milkshake will … [Read more...]

stuff religion

Stuff Religion

Humankind is religious by nature. We are wired to worship someone or something. Yes, I know some people may deny it, but often the most virulent proponents of atheism are the most religiously zealous of all - spending all of their energy denying a God they claim does not exist. Kind of funny really. If we don't worship God, or a god or gods, we will … [Read more...]